Ice Tea Alpine Herbs

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Iced Tea Alpine Herbs brings the natural freshness of Alpine air to your home. The Iced Tea consists of 31% alpine herb extracts and excels due to its refreshingly harmonious, herbaceous aroma. Thanks to stevia* this Iced Tea contains 50% less sugar than conventional iced teas. Steviol glycosides are used as sweeteners in Iced Tea Alpine Herbs. They are extracted from the leaves of the stevia plant. What’s more, you can also individually flavour your iced tea thanks to the granulate. Contains 7 different alpine herbs: Melissa, lady’s mantle, camomile, peppermint, stinging nettle, verbena and gentian. *with sugars and sweetener (steviol glycosides).
  100 g Pulver250 ml
Energie367 kcal39 kcal
Matières grasses0 g0 g
Glucides89 g9.6 g
Protéines0.2 ---
Sel0 g0 g
43 g = 1 l (4 Port.)
600 g = 14 l (56 Port.)
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