Sauce Hollandaise

Sauce Hollandaise

Creamy sauce with mild lemon zest

Whoever said a Sauce Hollandaise was only something for a top chef? The powder, containing egg, onion, mustard and pepper, will also transform you into a professional sauce maker - all you need to do is stir it in cold milk.

Produced in Switzerland.

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piccolo can  180 g
€ 7.39 / 100 g
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€ 13.30
Size Quantity
piccolo can  180 g
  • Vegetarian
  • Without celery
  • W/o sodium glutamate

Allergy information

This product contains gluten, egg, soya, milk

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Ingredients Sauce HollandaiseSauce

Maize starch, skimmed milk powder, lactose, iod. table salt, whole egg powder 6% (deep litter), yeast extract, wheat flour, rapeseed and sunflower oil, thickener (guar gum), seasoning (soy), flavouring (soy, milk), table salt, spices, acid (citric acid).


For 200 ml: Melt 33 g of butter, add 2 tablespoons of powder (20 g) and stir well. Add 170 ml of cold milk and bring it to the boil while stirring continuously.

*made with semi-skimmed milk
Nutritional data 100 g powder 1 portion sauce* (100 ml)
Energy 1440 kJ (341 kcal) 770 kJ (184 kcal)
Fat 6.8 g 15 g
of which saturated fatty acids 1.1 g 9.4 g
Carbohydrates 53 g 8.5 g
of which sugar 27 g 5.8 g
Protein 16 g 4.1 g
Salt 12.4 g 1.2 g


10 g = 100 ml (1 port.)
piccolo can (180 g) = 1.8 l (18 port.)