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Roast Sauce Fat-free

Roast Sauce Fat-free

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The sauce is an ideal accompaniment for all meat dishes. It is particularly tasty with meat loaf of all kinds. And those who are watching their weight can enjoy the wonderful flavour with a clear conscience.

Simply stir the fat-free sauce with beef extract, onion and tomato in cold water, and bring to the boil - and the wonderful aroma of roast meat will excite your senses. It can't be done more quickly.

  100 g Pulver1 Port. Sauce (100 ml)
Energy297 kcal22 kcal
Fat1.0 g0.1 g
Carbohydrates57 g4.2 g
Protein18 g1.3 g
Salt15.5 g1.2 g
Barattolo Piccolo (215 g) = 2.7 l (27 porz.)
Barattolo Mini (420 g) = 5.3 l (53 porz.)
Barattolo Standard (600 g) = 7.5 l (75 porz.)
Sacchetto (1.8 kg) = 22.5 l (225 porz.)
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