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Bread Crumbs with Seasoning

Bread Crumbs with Seasoning

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Use this mix to create a wonderfully crispy and golden breadcrumb coating for schnitzels cordon bleu etc. A little breadcrumb mix in minced meat also lends meatballs a special flair.

Breadcrumbs, spices and salt: this is the ready-to-use breadcrumb mix from Oswald. This will make your cutlet crispy outside, delicate and tasty inside - just as you remember it from your visit to Vienna.

  100 g Panier-Mix1 Portion (30 g)
Energy339 kcal102 kcal
Fat4.5 g1.4 g
Carbohydrates59 g18 g
Protein13 g3.9 g
Salt7.7 g2.3 g
Barattolo Standard (500 g) = 17 porz.
Sacchetto (3 kg) = 100 porz.
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